Payments wired through the Multicash classic version can now be signed remotely by DSK Bank’s customers using the mobile application MC @ Sign +. As an additional means of security when logging in and signing payments using MC @ Sign +, a software token is used. For this purpose, an additional application MC_Token is installed on the user’s phone. The app provides increased protection when logging in to the application MC @ Sign + and signing payments. The MC_Token application allows users to further identify themselves by PIN or depending on the phone’s operating system by using biometric data – fingerprint or facial recognition.

In order to facilitate the users in the mobile application MC @ Sign + an option has been added for the clients to sign several transfers at the same time.

The two applications together provide business customers convenience and guaranteed security of transfers signed using the mobile application.

For the Web version for DSK Bank’s clients an opportunity for login and signing of payments by using a QR-code has been added. This scan is performed again by installing and using the software token of the mobile application MC_Token.

The Global Consulting team, as the local partner of Omikron, together with a team of the Electronic Channels Directorate at DSK Bank, successfully completed the project and became the first pilot client of the service.